The miracle of building 7 [Elektronisk resurs] / P. C. Haaland.

The miracle of building 7 [Elektronisk resurs] / P. C. Haaland.
Av: Haaland, P. C
Utgivningsår: cop. 2017.
Språk: Engelska
Medietyp: E-bok
Förlag: Books on Demand :Elib [distributör]
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Truth is a curious thing. Sometimes you have to look for it and sometimes it's staring you in the face. In my profession we usually have to look for it. I am a financial supervisor. Daily, I am confronted with propositions that claim to be true and it's my job to determine if they really are. If I succeed, all is well. If I don't, people are at risk of losing their money. It's like boiling milk. If you don't act in time, everything becomes a mess. If you try to suppress it or ignore it, everything also becomes a mess. When you read this book it's already too late. We acted too late. In fact, we haven't acted at all. The truth is staring us in the face but we still can't see it. We can't see it because we label people and make sure their voices don't count. So, why am I writing this book if it's already too late? First of all I wanted to understand how I could be so gullible. I am a professional. I know how to evaluate propositions that claim to be true. Second, I wanted to honor those who, unlike me, still fight for the truth. Third, I wanted to leave something behind that will prove to my kids that I tried to contribute a tiny little bit by sharing my methodology and my conclusion. I am ashamed I didn't have the courage to do more. In the book you will find three short gullibility tests: One for ordinary people, one for financial supervisors and one for scientists. I thought about making one for journalists, but I seriously don't believe that they are interested in the truth. If they were, it wouldn't have been too late. You will also find the methodology I use to evaluate whether a proposition is true or false. In fact, the entire book revolves around this methodology. It's principles are easy. Anyone, except maybe journalists, can master them from about the age of 15. Or even younger. Some day the truth will be apparent to all. It always does./Innehållsbeskrivning från Elib.

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